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sleep, dream, rest in safety.

It brings tears to my eyes as I think of today’s events in Connecticut. Our jobs as parents are to protect, to lead and to inspire our little minis. To show love and laughter, to feel fulfilled by their presence, to learn from their innocence. How dare someone take love, take laughter, and take innocence from a child. A friend and client posted this poem on her Facebook wall this evening. It inspired love. It inspired passion. It inspired hope. It inspired me to photograph my own who I am blessed to have laying in their own beds. I am blessed. I am thankful.

“In my arms´╗┐ breathe,
Life without limits,
Light of day, dark night.
Sleep, dream, rest in safety.

With your heart, your soul,
listen and know this truth.
Within you are boundless futures, if you are given freedom. Freedom to grow.
Freedom to learn.
Freedom to touch.
Freedom to feel.
Freedom to imagine.
Freedom to love.
Freedom to be loved.”

Tabula Rasa by Don MacDonald

For all our neighbours south of the border, may you be surrounded by love and support during these dark days.

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