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What an exciting day it is! Love day, heart day, chocolate day, special dinner day, birthday AND baby McCaw announcement day!

I LOVE working with Bridgette and Devon McCaw of McCaw North Drilling & Blasting. Here is a peek of our super special fourth photography session together. I look forward to many more special occasions with this beautiful growing family!

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  • February 15, 2013 - 12:49 PM

    Tania Oosting - Absolutely love this! Very Creative!

What a day!

Started with epic parental search for appropriate epic punishment for a six year old, broke up multiple arguments between children, broke up dog fight between our bulldog and the in-laws pooch after the in-laws dog growled at our two year old, loaded truck to brim to take load to dump on last amnesty day of 2012, delivered all remaining sessions to 2012 clients after working until 5am to finish them in 2012, found bright blue marker on in-laws light beige couch and white carpet, spent far too long scrubbing said blue marker marks, contemplated cost of replacing the in-laws entire living room furniture as my first purchase for 2013, took kids for a walk to blow off steam, two year old cried for entire walk, stopped at Tim’s for coffee- I never drink coffee, spilled coffee all over myself, I still don’t drink coffee, returned home with kids, six year old repeated parts of behaviour that spurred morning’s epic punishment…

All seemed lost in my entire philosophy as a parent and human being and dark black holes seemed very inviting, until my six year old asked if we could bring a lost friend a coffee for ‘the last day of 2012’. Deep breath. A flicker of light. We piled back into the truck and stopped back at Tim’s for another coffee and then headed to a special spot where Jackson told stories about 2012 and left a coffee for a special friend. We ventured home together, peeled off our layers, I put the cranky two year old down for a nap and opened up my computer to blog about 2012. As I went to sit, my six year old asked me to watch a movie with him. I started to respond with ‘I’m going to go,’ and before I could finish he hung his head and said ‘work.’

Melt my heart with guilt.

We started today on a sour note, trying to figure out the answers to parenting and discipline, seems the answer is time. Needless to say, I am not finishing my blog post right now. I am off to watch a movie I probably won’t enjoy but I get to snuggle with my special little six year old whom I adore regardless of how upset he can make me at times, and that is time I am thankful for. I made a promise in 2011, that I would be present for important celebrations, so I also won’t be blogging after the kids go to bed- maybe 4 a.m. But the odds of two near all nighters in a row in quite low, because tomorrow my six year old and even the two year old will both want more quality time.

My apologies for no end of the year post. But I wish you all the very best as you ring in the New Year. I am celebrating the first part of my evening with a cranky two year old, a snuggly and apologetic six year old, and the second part of my evening with my husband and our wonderful friends. Lots of love and gratitude for all of your incredible support, kind words and for bringing me incredible photographic opportunities; sharing your incredible family moments remind me to continue to appreciate my own.


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  • January 1, 2013 - 11:14 AM

    Karen Knutsen - Have I told you lately that I <3 you! XOX

  • January 1, 2013 - 3:24 PM

    Tara Marchiori - Oh Caitlin – this is lovely. Lovely and honest. Rings so true and is so so familiar. Have a wonderful year!

It brings tears to my eyes as I think of today’s events in Connecticut. Our jobs as parents are to protect, to lead and to inspire our little minis. To show love and laughter, to feel fulfilled by their presence, to learn from their innocence. How dare someone take love, take laughter, and take innocence from a child. A friend and client posted this poem on her Facebook wall this evening. It inspired love. It inspired passion. It inspired hope. It inspired me to photograph my own who I am blessed to have laying in their own beds. I am blessed. I am thankful.

“In my arms breathe,
Life without limits,
Light of day, dark night.
Sleep, dream, rest in safety.

With your heart, your soul,
listen and know this truth.
Within you are boundless futures, if you are given freedom. Freedom to grow.
Freedom to learn.
Freedom to touch.
Freedom to feel.
Freedom to imagine.
Freedom to love.
Freedom to be loved.”

Tabula Rasa by Don MacDonald

For all our neighbours south of the border, may you be surrounded by love and support during these dark days.

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This little man with beautiful full lips was a sleepy sweetheart for his session. He was so sweet and cuddly for our time together and also helped me figure out how to use the prop my mother sent me for last year’s birthday- I love it!

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What a perfect stress-free day! This wedding party was fantastic and easy-going. The bridesmaids were wonderful and warm and the groomsmen were hilarious and had me in stitches within minutes of meeting them. Although I have known Alanna since Elementary school, my first time photographing Alanna & Doug together was for their engagement session this past winter and spring- which reminds me, I need to quickly post their engagement sessions!

They were married this past August in Yellowknife just outside City Hall in the Civic Plaza, just weeks before packing their home and moving to Whitehorse, Yukon! But before worrying about the adventures of honeymooning and moving, Alanna did not miss an opportunity for a fun detail on her special day. From matching groom and groomsmen socks to paper umbrellas, beautiful centre pieces to an incredibly decorated Elks Hall- Alanna, Doug and their team did a wonderful job- and yes, this bride even baked her own wedding cake!

Thank you for being game for anything, an afternoon of fun and an evening of beautiful memories.

Best wishes on your new wonderful adventure together!

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