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Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s time- to spread a little love!

Yes, it sure is time. One whole year to the day since my last post on my poor lonely blog. But with good reason. Last year started at a sprinters pace. With 13 destination weddings booked for 2013, a collection of incredible northern brides, my My First Year clients growing steadily, and some brand new clients to add to my list of new friends; I was delighted to ring in 2013. My husband and I started 2013 and decided it would also be a great year to end off with a third and final addition to our family. Why not?! Last month we welcomed number three to our nest and our Sweet Baby Dalyn will most definitely be our last little bean.

My maternity clients all seem to gracefully walk into the studio with a magnificent glow. I, however, spent 39 weeks throwing up I was dehydrated, riddled with migraines as a result, exhausted from spending most of my nights cradling the porcelain thrown between the hours of 1am and 5am. Some days I got by lucky and was nauseous for a small portion of the day, was sick quick and continued on. Others I spent the greater part of the entire day in the washroom- with my pillow and water bottle… laptop in tow. My husband took days off work to travel to destination weddings with me to help me carry gear and entertain my clients while I snuck off to be sick so my clients wouldn’t notice. As the months went on and the ‘morning’ sickness got worse my turn around times lagged and my face got greener! Luckily I was blessed with a fabulous husband to listen to my morning tears, friends who reminded me it was possible to be thankful for a baby but equally frustrated by his growing process, and clients who assured me they were happy to wait.

As soon as this little one came out (plus 24 hours!), I felt like a whole new person! I have spent his first five weeks exploring his perfect fingers and toes, gazing at his gorgeous blue eyes and wondering who in the world came up with the misleading saying ‘sleep like a baby’! In the evenings while we paced the halls, I have enjoyed planning my sessions to come with new found inspiration and fresh perspective and cannot wait to jump back into my love of capturing moments in both my own family and within the families of my clients.

I feel the excitement of 2014 running through my body and look forward to loving every day of this year with all of you! So a very Happy New Year and Happy Love Day to all of you. Today felt like a fitting day to spread a little love and revive my blog. I love sharing my experiences with clients and friends, and also unique perspectives of their lives on my blog so it needs to have some life breathed back into it! Wait a second-what is a “re-launch” without some added love and a little promo?! For the rest of February, all love birds who book a full-day wedding will receive a complimentary engagement session! Not getting married in the near future but still want to feel the love? Take advantage of 15% off all custom frames! Our custom frame retailer creates beautiful frames to hang and display your family as art for your gorgeous home. We have 12 different shapes and 42 colours for clients to choose! See more information on February promos here!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (In our house that means pink pizza day!)

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